What a horrible month! It was with some trepidation that I ran the monthly report as I definitely expected to be below the predicted output for the first time. As it was though, we just squeaked over by 3%.

It should be obvious from the graph below that we had many days of dense cloud cover, torrential rain or both. To give you some idea, we even had our wood burner on for some of the colder days!

As I type this we have had two glorious first days of September though, so hopefully we will see a resurgence in solar output just before Autumn.

In the graph below, the yellow line indicates the average level we needed to reach each day (12.88kWh) in order to meet the predicted monthly total.  The blue line shows the average level we actually reached (13.3kWh).

Predicted (kWh) Actual (kWh) %
399.219 413.261 103.5%


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