January saw some very cold days with a fair bit of deep snow as well.  We were expecting that the panels would be covered by snow and frost quite a bit but that didn't really happen - even when the snow had settled a few inches on the ground, the panels stayed clear enough to generate.  Had the freezing weather continued for longer though they would have been obscured at some point.

Our total output this month was more than in December, but not quite as crazily above predicted levels.  We were "only" 44.6% over target this month :-).

In the graph below, the yellow line indicates the average level we needed to reach each day (3.35kWh) in order to meet the predicted monthly total.  The blue line shows the average level we actually reached (4.85kWh).

Predicted (kWh) Actual (kWh) %
103.99 150.39 144.6%


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