June saw a real mix of sunny and rainy days, for example the 27th was glorious but the next day we had solid rain and for most of the day were barely generating 200W - the first day we honestly couldn't claim to be fully powering our office at any time.

Having said that, according to our estimation software, June was always going to be less productive than May, and in fact we have exceeded our predicted generation by a staggering 42.6%!

Our Year One generation is predicted to be 3354kWh by the way, and so far, in just over two months, we have generated 1369kWh which is 41% of our goal.  Provided we have a decent July, August and September, we could be in the happy situation of comfortably reaching our yearly target months early. Only time will tell if this will happen...

In the graph below, the yellow line indicates the average level we needed to reach each day (13.08kWh) in order to meet the predicted monthly total.  The blue line shows the average level we actually reached (18.66kWh).

Predicted (kWh) Actual (kWh) %
392.509 559.889 142.6%


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