March was looking like a bit of a damp squib and until about the 18th we were only just barely above predicted levels (one morning the panels were iced up and a squirrel was sitting on them - but the little scamp ran off as soon as I got my camera!)

From then on though you can see our moving average (the red line in the graph below) just kept climbing as we had some real scorching days.

We were 43.6% over predicted levels this month, and are really making significant amounts of energy now compared to the winter months.

We also unsurprisingly had our record day for 2012, at 23.53kWh - although this has already been beaten at the time of writing in April :-).

Next month will see our first year results in full, we're already exceeding predicted levels, it just remains to be seen by how much.

In the graph below, the yellow line indicates the average level we needed to reach each day (8.77kWh) in order to meet the predicted monthly total.  The blue line shows the average level we actually reached (12.59kWh).

Predicted (kWh) Actual (kWh) %
271.73 390.29 143.6%


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