22% above expected levels for November, so another good month.  This is the first truly winter month we've had, where the output is fairly negligible compared to the warmer months. In fact, total output was only just over half what we generated in October.  To give some idea, November clocked up only 160kWh whereas we were getting well over 500kWh during the summer.

As you can see from the graph, sunshine levels have fluctuated a lot in the last month, but when it is clear we can still generate 2000W+ for hours at a time.

Looking forwards, if we have a very clear December, it is just possible we will make our yearly target within eight months. We are already 95.7% of the way there - remember you can see our yearly graph here.

In the graph below, the yellow line indicates the average level we needed to reach each day (4.36kWh) in order to meet the predicted monthly total.  The blue line shows the average level we actually reached (5.33kWh).

Predicted (kWh) Actual (kWh) %
130.836 160.123 122.4%


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