This website has been in constant development since 2000 and provides resources for Westerners to learn Chinese.

It now attracts 10,000+ visitors per day, and serves over 2 million page views per month.  Most pages are generated dynamically using PHP and MySQL, so the site serves as a good demonstration of both the power of Celerity's servers and the efficiency of our code.

It is extremely well ranked on all major search engines and directories, and pays for itself via paid advertising and member subscriptions (which are optional, the entire site is completely free to everybody).

Main Site Features

  • Hundreds of print friendly revision aids.
  • Online quizzes and printable tests.
  • Integrated Chat Room, supporting unicode to allow English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  • Tens of thousands of informative posts in the Discussion Forums.
  • Original Interviews, articles and essays.
  • MP3 Cantonese sound clips.
  • Home to the CantoDict project.

The CantoDict Project

Additionally, the site is home to a completely original Chinese Dictionary project, fully programmed by Celerity Design.  It is unique in that it classifies words according to their Cantonese or Mandarin usage, and is now an extremely important Chinese Learning reference work.

The project allows entries to be added and updated by a team of volunteers from all over the world.  Once approved, these editors can login to the site and make their changes to the central database.  This collaborative system requires solid security and auditing code, all of which has been custom coded.

The database gets updated throughout the day, and the latest statistics may be viewed here.

The dictionary itself has been widely acclaimed as running fast, and containing a wealth of sophisticated search features.  Because it has all been programmed "in-house", the data it contains can easily be utilised across the site, powering such features as online quizzes, "word of the moment" and an ever improving Chinese parser, which can translate Chinese texts.

CantoDict is an excellent example of the type of complex database driven web application that Celerity Design can build for you.