EPiServer Mail 4.3 is the latest version of StarMail - released after EPiServer acquired Netstar.

As such, it is the first version of StarMail that requires EPiServer 5 CMS to be installed.

I was asked to do an evaluation of the product for deployment for a certain well known diamond company. Time was limited for this evaluation though and the only machine I had for testing was running WinXP.  I installed EPiServer 5 OK, and EPiServer Mail (EPiMail) also installed without errors, but I couldn't use any of the functions.  The "Mail" tab appeared correctly in the EPiServer editor interface, but when clicked there were no options to use.  The problem was permissions based, and checking tblStarSuiteUser showed no users had been replicated across to EPiMail.

In the end I had to mail EPiServer's partner support for assistance, and after a few failed suggestions they sent me the following web.config settings:

<membership defaultProvider="StarSuiteIntegrationMembershipProviderSQL" userIsOnlineTimeWindow="20">

<add name="StarSuiteIntegrationMembershipProviderSQL" applicationName="StarSuiteApplicationSQL"
type="StarSuite.Core.Web.Authorization.IntegrationMembershipProvider, StarSuite.Core.Web.Authorization"  
provider="SqlServerMembershipProvider" roleToSynchronize1="Administrators" />

This happily did the trick and EPiMail now seems fully integrated into my EPiServer install.

I have to assume this is a WinXP issue, as installing  on Windows Server 2003 at a later date went completely smoothly.

Written by Celerity Design, on September 24, 2008

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