Last month we attended the London Web Summit, with some interesting talks by key people from companies such as Google, Mashery, PayPal and the like.

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (of Pirate Bay fame) was also there talking about his promising micropayment project, Flattr. I was hoping this meant that Flattr had moved on apace but looking at their community forums it still seems like an almost dead project to me, which is a real shame. UPDATE: although their forum seems lacklustre, their blog is a lot more lively and gives me confidence that the project is far from dead - good news!  The debate I mentioned above can be viewed here.

The event was well put together but had less in the way of developer-oriented and ideas content than we'd hoped.  For companies looking to get advice on how to get investment from venture capitalists it was very worthwhile though.

Marcus Segal, Zynga Games
Marcus Segal from Zynga Games

Written by Celerity Design, on April 04, 2012

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