Bruce Lee, in 'Enter the Dragon'This website was programmed in 2005 to meet the creative vision of two movie buffs who had the idea to publish reviews of movie death scenes.

It consists of a custom database that stores details of death scenes in films, for example, the film name, year, actor and character names and which categories apply to the death.
Because all the data is stored in a relational database, complex queries can be carried out such as:

Additionally, each death contains a humourous write-up, with a fully integrated system to allow people to leave comments.

SEO for the site was planned before any coding began, with the result that all pages have a dedicated, human-readable URL,
eg: http://www.moviedeaths.com/princess_bride,_the/count_tyrone_rugen/

Miranda Frost and Halle Berry in 'Die Another Day'Within less than twelve months the site jumped to the #1 position for all major search engines for its chosen keywords.  It now generates advertising revenue, is linked to all over the blogosphere and has been cited on sites such as MSNBC and JoBlo.com. In 2007 it was also featured in the print version of Fade In magazine, where it was listed as one of the "Top 100 Coolest Film Sites on the Net".

It should be noted that the above cannot be achieved through SEO alone, the site benefits from extremely good writing content.  It is however a great case study for how a site can be successful using purely white-hat search engine optimisation techniques.

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