Many Congratulations to Mike Coombes from the Navy List Research website, as his pet project is now a year old.

The Navy List DB is the kind of project that Celerity really enjoys getting involved with. Mike was maintaining an encyclopedic database of decades of Royal Navy officer service records and contacted Celerity to get the information online.

We converted his data, built a comprehensive search engine and set up access as "members only", integrated into PayPal.  The token fee that members pay to query this unique database funds the costs of the site.

A year later, and the database has seen thousands of new records added, and has a healthy membership base. 

We are extremely proud to have helped Mike realise this worthy goal, and look forwards to implementing his ambitious new features to the site in future...

What was especially appreciated was his request for this paragraph to be added to the About Page of his site. Thanks Mike! :-)


You can vist the Navy List Research site by clicking the image below - please spread the word to any Royal Navy officers you may now, past or present! :

Navy List Research website

Written by Celerity Design, on October 22, 2009

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